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Why Divorce Date?

So, I am reading 4 Reasons to Date Someone Who’s Been Divorced. First off, I learned something new. Seems there’s still a stigma attached to dating divorced people. Never knew that, especially since at a certain age, if s/he isn’t divorced, I would wonder. Okay, but that’s not my point here.

After reading the article, I realized my reason Numero Uno didn’t appear. In fact, this reason might make it advantageous to only divorce date. So here it is.


1.  How they treat their former spouse is a GOLD MINE of information.

I am divorced, and my former husband and I are still exceptionally good friends. In fact, I would say he’s my best friend. So much so that when I met my second husband (yes, Liza’s on Number 2), I insisted they meet. My present husband is also divorced. I have met his wife, and they have a quite friendly relationship. IMO this reflects hugely on one.

Folks, let’s face it. Marriages don’t always last, and I see a lot of drama out here when they don’t.

You want to know that should things go south, the person you’re with won’t turn ugly. What better way than seeing their previous marriage and present relationship with their former spouse?

So, for my money, Divorce Dating should be a thing.

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