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What’s Your Breakup Shakeup?

In author Jasmine Carter’s Demetrius and Alexis, librarian Alexis comes home to find her fiancé in the arms of another woman. Yes, she was devastated. Who wouldn’t be?

But girlfriend wasted no time. She scraped him off her foot like dog doo she’d just stepped in. Then she didn’t just kick him to any ole curb, but to one an ocean away.

Kudos to Alexis for being decisive. Would that all women could be so resolute. Myself included, because there was this one time in my younger years when…

Okay, that’s another blog post.

Back to that curb an ocean away. Alexis didn’t just break up with Daniel. She applied for and landed a job in Greece, packed her bags, and flew the friendly skies to a whole new life.

Now that’s what I call a Breakup Shakeup. And it made me think about myself. What’s my go-to method to shake things up after a breakup? Well, there are some things one definitely shouldn’t do after a breakup.

Not a Recommended Breakup Shakeup

My personal no-nos: drunk dialing him after offing a bottle of wine, slashing his tires and making a bonfire of his belongings, listening to a sad love song for the millionth time, maxing out my credit card on all the things, or going Taylor Swift and putting him on blast in a song.  

So, if I can’t do any of that, what’s left?

Well, the good-for-you Breakup Shakeups. The ones that lift your spirits and put that pep back in your step. So what’s mine?

I cut my hair. Always.

I don’t know exactly why, but there’s something about cutting off my hair …like I am cutting off the old…and cutting him out. And it makes me feel young and fresh. Light and more fun-loving. Like a brand new person. Ready to get back in the mix.

I know. Cutting my hair isn’t as glamorous as Greece. Or as dramatic as torching his car. But it gets me on the road to getting my groove back.

What’s your Breakup Shakeup?

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