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A Romance Author’s Royal Dilemma

In A Princess in Theory, waiter Jamal is really Prince Thabiso of Thesolo who’s come to New York in search of his runaway betrothed.

At the outset, let me state I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved the fairy tale nature of it. I loved the romance between Naledi and Thabiso.

And most especially, I loved the scenes set in the mythical kingdom of Thesolo.

Which worries Liza…

Sure little girl Liza loves a good royal fairy tale—real or imagined.

I thrilled to Princess Diana’s wedding thirty-odd years ago. And to Kate’s thirty years later. And don’t get me started on Meghan’s wedding.

I threw a party to celebrate the sister gettin’ her prince. We wore tiaras! And yet, I worried about her decision, as I suspect even her mother does. Worried about such a restricted life. That they would chew the poor girl up and spit her out. And it’s happening already.

Still, I love the pomp and circumstance. The pageantry. The romance of it all.

But the progressive, evolved Liza is staunchly anti-monarchy.

Monarchies have no place in modern societies, making a mockery of the promised equality of democracy. Birth alone should not convey such privilege on a person.

No one should be living off the hard work of everyone else in a society…and be glorified for it. No one should be called your majesty. And Liza ain’t bowing or curtsying to nobody.

And yeah, she’s heard the arguments in favor of kings and queens.

Liza, all societies have hierarchies. Even the U.S. with our so-called American royalty. The Kennedys, the Roosevelts, the Rockefellers.

True, but anyone can achieve our type of royalty. It’s not based on birth or marriage into one family. And they produced the wealth themselves.

Okay, Liza, but royals enhance the nation’s economy, especially tourism.

Really, when you went to London, did you have tea with the Queen? Nope? Maybe Prince Philip. That’s a no? Okay, Prince William and Kate. Negative? How about the Queen’s corgis. All dead, you say?

So the Queen Invited You to a Tea Party? Do Tell.

So then, all anyone sees of royal life are the buildings and museum collections. All of which would still be there if the entire royal lot were kicked out on their arses.

Look here, Liza. It’s well known that monarchies provide social and political stability.

Yeah, the Brexit proves that quite well, doesn’t it? Along with Boris Johnson, the stable genius across the pond.

And yet, Liza still enjoys a good royal romance.

Yup, even with all these high ideals, I love them. They’re like my guilty pleasure. I read them happily, and will probably continue to.

Nevertheless, I wonder if I would/could ever write one? And if it would be hypocritical. Okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. I should worry about getting a first book—any damn book—finished and published. 😅😋

Any other authors (or readers) out there as conflicted as Liza?

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