Liza Gets Schooled

Racking (or Wracking) My Brain?

It seems like every day I write, I learn something new. Not about writing necessarily, but the world and things in it large and small. Some might say useless.

So, welcome to my new topical postsLiza Gets Schooled. Turns out I need a lot of schooling. This maiden installment came by way of an tiny coinkydink.

While reading Jasmine Guillory’s The Proposal (which I am loving BTW), I noticed she used the phrase racked her brain. With total smugness, I immediately thought … that should be wracked.

Too absorbed in the book to stop right then, I filed the question away to look up later. Now, normally later fails to appear in my life, but this time was different. Not owing to my superior memory, as it’s shot through like Swiss cheese. No, I remembered because I’d just used the word in my own Work in Progress.

And voilà! When I googled rack or wrack my brain, Merriam-Webster’s website must have seen me coming and wrote an entire article on the topic. Just for me. Okay, and you, too.

Turns out that that rack and wrack are so routinely confused — not by you, of course. But for the homophone-challenged folks among us, Merriam-Webster has thrown up its hands and sanctioned both. Still, one is writer 😋 than the other.

If you’re waffling on whether Ms.Guillory or I had the traditionally correct spelling, you really shouldn’t. 😍

But just in case, here’s your answer:

Rack vs. Wrack

And that’s what Liza got schooled in this week.

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