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Public Marriage Proposals: Yea or Nay

Just read a flight attendant lost her job because her fiancé proposed to her midflight. I feel bad for her, but also…

I love romantic gestures, but some people’s version of it stupefies me. Yeah, sometimes I wonder too how a curmudgeon like me can write romance.

For instance, people planning weddings they cannot afford—and literally digging a financial hole for themselves taking years to climb out of. Sometimes paying even after the wholly predictable divorce.

And proposals–why do they require an audience? Perfect strangers who don’t know you from Adam (or Eve, to be politically correct) to witness your marriage proposal?

A most intimate moment between two people that folks have turned into a public spectacle. Look at me…a Kardashian wannabe for a few minutes.

To say nothing of possibly being turned down—in public. Thereby placing one’s proposed in an awkward position, along with the poor unsuspecting audience. Imagine being stuck on that plane if she’d said no.

I mean what to do if you’re in the audience when s/he says NO? Scurry away and pretend you didn’t see the train wreck…give a complete stranger your shoulder to cry on while secretly snickering…offer to marry the reject yourself?

Yeah, firing the flight attendant was drastic. The airlines’ reasoning–danger to passengers–stupid. But if it makes people stop and think, I’m good.

How about you?

What do you think of public marriage proposals?


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