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One-Night Stands: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Odd

Nina Crespo’s romance novel Rules of a Rebound got me thinking about one-night stands. Of course, Natalie and Rome got their happily ever in the story.

Still, I wondered about all things one-night stand in real life. Like how often it happens, how men feel versus women, how often it becomes something more. So Liza went googling.

The Good

If you’ve had a one-night stand (or two or three), don’t sweat it. You have loads of company.

A recent poll of 500 Americans and 500 Europeans by online medical practice Zava revealed 66% have had a one-night-only encounter. Even more comforting, it’s normal to have several. American men average 7 one-night stands, with 6 for American women.

So relax, folks. You’ve got plenty of company. And just like that, Liza feels better.😎😋

Also just like Natalie and Rome, a relationship can develop from a one-and-done. While concrete stats are hard to come by, relationship expert Dan Savage suggests 30% of one-night-only encounters morph into more. Anecdotal stories like these from Buzzfeed bolster the claim.

Since Liza’s one (or two or…or three…) encounter never became more, she’s not the best person to offer advice converting a one-night stand into a love match.🤣😏 But there is advice out there for those trying to make more of their pickup.

The final good news? If you’re worried about your encounter being put on blast, most men and women tell less than two people about their one-offs. Now that, Liza can attest to from experience. 😇

Don’t worry. No one knows.

The Bad

I can’t get no satisfaction. Apparently, the song applies to women in this context. A study published by the Journal of Human Nature found only 54% reported positive feelings the morning after. Many women felt cheap, degraded, horrified.

In contrast, 80% of men felt like they’d just hit the jackpot. How surprising.😎

He’s looking like he won Lotto. I feel like crap.

The sexes also have different standards for casual sex. Turns out men drop their standards. Is anyone surprised here? Why buy the cow when you already got the milk didn’t materialize from nowhere.

What did surprise me is that women actually raise their standards. But hey, this makes sense, too. If Liza’s gonna do it, she wants Idris Elba, baby!

The Ugly

Is there a connection between a person’s mental health and the frequency of random sexual encounters? Oh Lord, Liza doesn’t want to go here. She’s a stable genius! 🙄

All kidding aside, the folks at Ohio State wondered this, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…yeah. A survey of 10,000 showed those reporting suicidal or other depressive symptoms as teens were more likely to engage in casual sex as young adults, regardless of gender.

The Odd

Could hip circumference of women play a role in predisposition to casual sex? Dr. Colin Hendrie of University of Leeds thinks so. His study found women with hip widths greater than 14 inches were more likely to engage in one-night stands.

His theory on why? Women with smaller hips have greater childbirth complications. Hendrie believes women gauge their danger from childbirth and tailor their sex life accordingly.

In other words, Liza has narrow hips. Liza doesn’t have one-night stands that could endanger her. Now, Liza’s no scientist, but she thinks this is a crock (as do many anthropologists).

Yup, Liza’s weighed a lot of things when contemplating a hookup, but never in her life was hip circumference even a tiny blip on her radar. 😆😋😉 How about you?


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