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Lockdown Boredom? Start an Online Book Club

Coronavirus crisis putting a cramp in your regular book club meetings? Got your head stuck in a fantastic book and wish you had a few ladies to discuss it with, but social distancing says no way.

Or maybe you’re sitting home bored. You’re dying to go out, but ‘Rona might be out there waiting to make you really dead.

In the age of Covid-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place, and six-feet social distancing, all our normal activities are falling by the wayside. Still, this doesn’t mean we have to lose contact with the outside world.

If you’re an avid reader, why not start an online book club? There are so many advantages:

  • You can still “get together” with your girls, but stay safe.
  • No one has to host the get-together. What could be better than not rushing around cleaning just before the ladies arrive or stressing about having guests in the house?
  • There’s no need to stock the place with snacks and drinks for an entire group. Saves you a trip to the grocery store and lightens the load on your wallet.
  • It’s the perfect come-as-you-are (or stay-as-you-are) event. My dream is a book club called the PJs and Wine Book Club. Connect in your pajamas and BYOB. For me, a fine Chianti.
  • No DUIs from driving home having had one too many. You can down that whole bottle if you want–which I never would, of course.
  • If you have kids, no need to find or pay a babysitter. Just barricade yourself in your room.

Okay, okay. So let’s say I convinced you. How can you do it, especially if you don’t really have any friends you think would sign on? Here are a few links that can help:

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So now, you’ve got your girls in place , you have so many questions. How to choose the book. How the heck does one moderate a book club? Should it be a dictatorship, a democracy, or something in between. Don’t worry. I got you covered. Here are some tips.

Book Club Housekeeping

14 Ways Not to Kill Your Book Club

How to Determine a Reading Schedule

Book Club Rules and Standards

Book Club Etiquette

Okay, so suppose you’re really not feeling all the work of starting your own club. Isn’t there one already up and running that you can just join and be done with it?

I found no already existing virtual book clubs to join. If you know of any, please drop a line in the comments.

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