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Liza’s Year (maybe) of Yes


Reading Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes truly inspired me. So much so that I have decided to give it a whirl myself. So this is the first (or last) in my Liza’s Big Yes series, highlighting personal issues I am working on.

First up: my health.

I have been plagued with asthma, eczema, and allergies since six months old. At 21, I became deathly allergic to fish. For the past few years, I have nearly disfigured myself (my older sister’s words) scratching and rubbing my perennially itching eyes. NOTHING helps. Oh, no. That’s not true. Steroids help, but no doctor’s gonna give me a steady dose of those. Well, maybe Michael Jackson’s doctor, but no thanks.

Many years ago, I learned of the experimental hookworm/helminth therapy used to treat most autoimmune diseases. I have wanted to try it, but didn’t. And here is where Shonda’s work comes in. Why didn’t I go for it? What was holding me back from saying YES?

First, it’s experimental and not approved by the FDA. Second, it’s expensive. Third, my older sister (who’s also a doctor) dissuaded me. Fourth, and this one’s a doozy — if I took it and it worked, my role in the family would change. The role of poor sickly Liza, to whom everyone catered. The third of four sisters who was treated like the baby, a role I at once loved and hated. Really.

You can get out of a lot of stuff being sick, and I perfected it over the years. One sniffle, cough, labored breath, sneeze and I was queen for the week. And it’s not just for my family, but my friends and both husbands also. Who would want to give that up?

Well, it turns out after reading YES, I was ready to give it up. So, four weeks ago, I took my first course of hookworm therapy. It takes months to know if it will help, but so far, I have no adverse affects really.

Hookworm therapy is not available in the U.S., but is everywhere else. So, living in Germany has bestowed another blessing. Below one can find information on helminth therapy and the hygiene theory behind it. I will keep you posted on my progress.

So, one YES down.

What would you like to say YES to this year?


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