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The “Gender Gap” and What My Refrigerator Woes Taught Me

How could a refrigerator could reveal anything about differences in gender thinking?

It all started four years ago with the Hisense fridge my hubby and I bought. Within a year, both door handles had cracked. Replacements cost $100.

Roughly a year later, the digital display on the door went dark forever. A few months after that, the open-door alarm died. Shortly thereafter, we noticed everything in the bottom drawer of the fridge begins to freeze.

Through all this, my husband remained perfectly content with the appliance. Me? I knew we had ourselves a real POS.

Finally, I decided to google refrigerator door display not working. Nothing helpful showed itself, so I narrowed my search specifically to Hisense refrigerators. Lo and behold, a pertinent video appears.

The youtuber says the problem is these little wires being severed by repeated opening and closing of the door. Sure enough, my hubby hops right on it, and voila! Every one of the fridge malfunctions is fixed.

So, what does this have to do with gender?

I took pictures and posted the story on Facebook. I was surprised at the gender discrepancy in the comments.

Notice how all the women focus on my handyman? How great it is to have a guy to do things around the house.

Now for the lone comment by a man.

See how completely different his focus was? Complimenting me on finding the repair video

Ditto for my husband. Couldn’t stop talking about my looking for and finding the solution.

Now, I know this is no scientific study, but the gender gap in comments struck me nonetheless. How the women admired having a guy fixing the thing. But the men admired the brain’s curiosity and finding the answer. Whatever, it just goes to show.

It takes a village…of men and women.

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