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Facebook Saved Post Collections

So, if you’re like me, you probably don’t know half the things you can do on Facebook. Took me forever to figure out backgrounds on posts. Kept seeing them, and finally asked a friend how to get them. Turned out, I wasn’t really so clueless. Facebook Germany hadn’t gotten the Add Background capability yet. But here’s a new feature I just happened on that I love, too.

First, if you didn’t know–which is perfectly possible if you’re Liza–you can save Facebook posts from your news feed. I would save links galore after I discovered it. But when I went to my Saved Links later to find something I was looking for, I had to scroll through endless uncategorized links. Now, Facebook has fixed that issue.

1. First, to save a post, click on the 3 dots in the top right.




2.  A drop down menu appears. Click Save Post or Save Link (different depending on device).



3. Now, it gets tricky, depending on the device you’re using. Sometimes after clicking Save Post, Facebook will immediately prompt you to save to an existing collection or to create a new collection.

Or sometimes, once you click Save Post, it will say Add to Collection on top. Click on this.



4. A drop down menu appears with all your saved collections. Click on desired collection. If you want to create a new collection, click on Create Collection at bottom of menu.

5. Then, when you go to Saved Items, you will see all your collections on top.


Voila! Everything nicely displayed and organized for future reference. BTW isn’t that THEIR and THERE image a great teaching tool for kids?



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