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Why Divorce Date?

So, I am reading 4 Reasons to Date Someone Who’s Been Divorced. First off, I learned something new. Seems there’s still a stigma attached to dating divorced people. Never knew that, especially since at a certain age, if s/he isn’t divorced, I would wonder. Okay, but that’s not my point here. After reading the article, I realized my reason Numero Uno didn’t appear. In fact, this reason might make it advantageous to only divorce date. So here it is.   1.  How they treat their former spouse is a GOLD MINE of information. I am divorced, and my former husband and I are still…

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Book Review: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

In 1946, writer Juliet Ashton finds inspiration for her next book in her correspondence with a native of Guernsey, who tells her about the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, a book club born as an alibi during German occupation. I’m a history fanatic, but if a book’s about war, it generally needs to be pre-20th century for me. A War of the Roses story, and I am glued, telling myself it was long ago and far away, even somehow romanticizing it. A story about WWI or any war thereafter – well, I am simply uninterested in a reminder…

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