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Career Change: Can It Boost Your Love Life?

In Candace Shaw’s sexy romance Cooking Up Love, Shelbi Arrington has abandoned her medical career to become a food critic.

Doctor to food critic?! Strange to some, but working on my third career, I got no room to talk smack.

Writer Ciannait Khan outlines very practical reasons to move on down the road to a new career in 5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Make a Career Change. A new challenge, changed values, focus change, new passion, or unhappy.

All great, but she forgot one totally unexpected reason.


Think about it. Shelbi Arrington leaves the hospitals and her patients for restaurants and food. And what does she find? Hotter than hell Justin Richardson and love.

Same thing happened to me. I left the law, decided to teach. Left my NYC school after three years to teach in Riga, Latvia. And there, I met my husband.

Okay, I know what you’ll say. Changing professions isn’t a surefire way to find love. I agree. Still, I think there is something about following your passions, getting out of a rut. Doing something different and exciting makes us more alive. More a magnet for love. The Law of Attraction at work.

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