Business of Writing

The side of writing we all wish we could ignore, but cannot. The world is replete with resources to help writers–overwhelmingly so. These are some I’ve found extremely helpful.


Rom Hands-on Synopsis Workshop

Author Kathy Carmichael has created a two-step process to writing romance synopses. First, a questionnaire. Then, the actual synopsis draft. As she promised, I had a synopsis I was proud of in a couple of hours. Cannot recommend this enough, as it’s not simply a sample, but a blueprint.

Query Letter

Winning Query Letter Samples

Author Charlotte Dillon has compiled query letters of romance authors that either landed authors an agent or a book publisher.


Winning  Query Letters

A compilation of query letters that snagged their authors a contract.  Some great ideas among myriad approaches to a daunting task.

Complete Overview


 Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies                             

Laugh if you will, but I love Dummies books. This one has a wealth of info on manuscript formatting, agent and publisher search, book deals, after publication. Granted it’s a bit dated (2004 publication), but some things are forever.