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Wedding Shaming and the Real Crying Shame

This Bridezilla wedding shaming story on Yahoo fascinated me twice over.

First, who even knew Facebook pages dedicated to wedding shaming exist? Highly skeptical, I hopped right over to FB and input wedding shaming. Sure enough, I got hits, like That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming.

One has to join to see what’s festering on these pages, and I am slightly ashamed to admit I am now awaiting clearance. I figure if nothing else, it’ll provide some great blogging fodder. Will let you know.

Then, there’s this particular Bridezilla story, involving a “soulmates” couple who called the wedding off after the bride went full-on cray cray—requiring guests to contribute $1500 each to help defray costs of her $60K wedding like she’d just asked for a cup of sugar. Why? The couple’s psychic advised going for the extravaganza wedding option…a destination wedding in Aruba.

Psychic…that’s when I really got suspicious of this story’s veracity. That, and the bride’s assumption that this was a “once in a lifetime” even guests should be grateful to be including it. Guess she didn’t think they might like their own once in a lifetime someday.

I am really struggling not to label this whole story a hoax. Still, even if not true, it does touch on a real issue—the cost of weddings. The average cost of an American wedding in 2017 was $25,000. Not as bad as India at roughly $65,000, but still somewhat insane. Especially considering American marriages rip apart faster and harder than a trailer in a tornado. Hell, this particular soulmate couple (if they exist) never made it up the aisle.

And yeah, I know I write romances, so I should be all for fairy tale weddings. And I am. I simply think—with planning and common sense—fairy tales can cost much less. And please don’t get me started on diamond rings.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer fairy tales that don’t turn into horror stories of debt and bankruptcy. Not to mention, all that money is better spent on a fairy tale castle. Or even better, the kids’ educations…because bearing the costs of that is really becoming a fairy tale.

What’s your opinion? 

Have weddings gotten out of hand?


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2 thoughts on “Wedding Shaming and the Real Crying Shame

  1. I’m in total agreement about the costs of weddings! Ridiculous! I’d prefer just going to a Justice of the Peace at the courthouse and having a nice dinner somewhere afterwards, with or without a few close relatives/friends.

    1. The Justice of the Peace is exactly what we did for my second wedding. My first was a bit more elaborate, but still kept the costs down because it was held in my sister’s home.

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