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Book Review: With a Kiss, I Die

With A Kiss, I Die: A BWWM Romance (Flashback Series Book 1) by Elle Alexander, K. Alex Walker
Genres: Romance
Format: eBook
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When news reporter Ben Strickland hears of a mysterious Black woman with blue hair whose mere touch kills, he travels to the Caribbean island of Oyster Key to find her.

Though I had never read the work of K. Alex Walker, the book blurb intrigued me. It sat on my Kindle for months before I opened, but once I did, I was floored.

Now, y’all know I try to write, but K. Alex Walker has me rethinking that. Her language and imagery are so stirring and beautiful, it leaves me feeling I’m splashing around in the kiddie pool. Seriously. Like I need to simply hang up my pen or keyboard, and find something else to do with my time. This woman can write, y’all.

I loved the characters::

Jaded, hard-boiled news reporter Ben Strickland — will stop at nothing for a story, including lie and bend his moral compass.

Mysterious, hermit-like Roux — has an innocence and sweet inquisitiveness about everything. And a surprising dash of the smartass.

Angry-at-the-world photographer Abigail — girlfriend with throw you under the bus in a heartbeat.

Ben and Roux’s love story is sweet and delicious, but getting to happily ever after is anything but. The author keeps us wondering about Roux’s history, and spices the novel with enough intrigue and obstacles that keep the reader guessing and reading.

My Advice: Check out K. Alex Walker’s work. I will be.


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