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Book Review: See Me

See Me by Michele Arris
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A ruthless casino developer threatens everything she holds dear, so bakery owner Kennedi Chase cooks up an unconventional plan to protect her family legacy. But why does the man she despises have to be so wickedly charming and sexy?

Newly divorced Trenton Shaw’s casino project hinges on a parking lot in D.C.’s wharf district. Still battle fatigued and bitter from a bad marriage, no way will he let a little cake baker thwart him, no matter how gorgeous and tempting she is.

Can Kennedy convince him his plans are not worth destroying her? Will Trenton surrender his ambitions for the most precious jackpot of all?

There’s nothing like discovering a new author you know will continue to offer you hours of entertainment from here on in. I believe I’ve done just that with author Michele Arris.

I don’t remember how I happened upon See Me — probably recommended by another author. Thanks to whoever that was.

What I liked:

A touch of mystery/intrigue — the Chase family’s business is in trouble. Looks like Kennedi’s father is the culprit? But is he? This kept me guessing.

Great chemistry — she’s feisty and stubborn, but vulnerable. He’s cocksure and arrogant, but sweet and caring underneath. Together it’s like someone took sugar and spice and set it on fire.

Superb sex scenes — it’s not easy to get the intimate stuff right. Michele Arris has the touch. Steamy, yet touching.

Good prose — the author knows how to turn a phrase or two. Some lines are downright funny, others stimulate the senses. Head on over to Edit or Perish to see my faves.

The book is good, y’all.

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