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Book Review: Healing His Medic

Healing His Medic (The Protectors Book 1) by Nana Prah
Published by Love Africa Press Genres: Romance
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When the West African pirate patrol ship Reckoning’s doctor is out of commission, the beautiful Doctor Comfort Djan steps into his shoes. For Commander Akin Solarin, the last thing his ship needs is a lone woman on a ship with a dangerous mission and a boatload of hot-blooded men. And yet, he’s drawn to her strength and her vulnerability. Can he help the new medic heal her tortured heart, and not lose his own in the process?

Chosen to read the ARC for Healing His Medic, I dove right into my first Nana Prah romance. I have heard such good buzz around her writing, and now I know why. So much to fall in love with, where do I begin:

1. Take-No-Prisoners Heroine – Comfort may have a calm demeanor, and a ready sense of humor, but don’t mess with her. Or underestimate her ability to take care of herself. Girlfriend will kick some ass…literally. And all the while, be a lady as she does it.

2. Unusual Setting – list your fave settings for a romance. Is a warship the first locale to come to mind? NOT. Nana Prah chose a setting I would never have contemplated and delivers a tender romance in an unlikely place. Kudos.

3. Love Story – both characters have unusual backgrounds, and pain from the past that has their lives in a holding pattern. Their attraction is immediate, intense, and visceral. As if they both recognize that they get each other in a way few others ever could. I loved how each is just what the other needs to push forward and live life. This couple is both hot as hell and sweet as cotton candy. A great combination.

4. Cultural/Social Backdrop – as with other African romance authors, I learn a little more about African countries and the continent. In this one, the featured ongoing fight against piracy — something we may know about in the U.S. — but don’t focus on really. I love the illumination of real life issues.

So much to love about this book, it’s hard to find fault. But if pressed, I would have liked a bit more external conflict and obstacles to Comfort and Akin’s love story.

Liza’s Bottom Line: Great storytelling.

And yet another talented author feeding my romance addictions.


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