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Book Review: The First Rule of Hook-ups

The First Rule of Hook-Ups by Nina Crespo
Series: Breakup Bash #1
Published by Entangled Publishing LLC (Brazen) on November 12, 2018
Pages: 220
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Left at the altar, business executive Alexa Cayne plans to flee the nation’s capital and move across country. But not before a wild night out with her girls at Club Escapades’ Breakup Bash. Would male stripper Raphael be there and would he remember her?

When he’d invested in Club Escapade, Rafe Dumond’s days as a hunky male stripper ended. Until the group he booked for the Breakup Bash was down a man. Again. Last time he filled in, a beauty named Alexa had burst into his life for a few minutes. Would she be back?

I’d already read Rules of a Rebound, the second book in Nina Crespo’s Breakup Bash series, and loved it. So when Amazon offered this first in the series for 99 cents, I broke my neck grabbing the deal. And I was not disappointed.

What I liked:

This Joe blows plenty of heat — Rafe is no gazillionaire. No penthouses, private jets, or sleek rides. Just a regular guy trying to make it. Yet, Nina Crespo turned up the heat level on this man until I thought I had a blow torch on my face … and other places.

Alpha female lead — businesswoman Alexa is a nice twist to the usual romance with alpha males. She’s the one with the real business smarts.

Sweet yet spicy — Rafe and Alexa’s story is sweet and tender, yet five-alarm hot. Not easy to do.

Role reversal — Like how it deals with the complicated dynamic of women being the more successful in the relationship.

Fun, sexy read great for quarantine … or anytime.

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