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Book Review: Demetrius and Alexis

Demetrius And Alexis by Jasmine Carter, BWWM Club
Genres: Romance
Format: eBook
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After coming home to find her fiancé kicking boots other than hers, Alexis accepts a teaching position in Greece, where she meets her charge’s ultra-handsome, fabulously wealthy uncle. But falling for Demetrius would be totally inappropriate, wouldn’t it?

While I am definitely into hot and steamy romances, I also enjoy a sweet romance every once in a while. Demetrius and Alexis fits the bill for a few reasons.

  1. Exotic locale —  Greece is the first European country I ever visited, so I love novels set there.
  2. Heroine — Alexis is feisty. She doesn’t just wallow when her fiancé cheats on her. She embarks on a whole new life.
  3. Hero — Demetrius is sexy and commanding, yet sensitive and caring.
  4. Villain — the story boasts not just one, but three villains, which equals hella drama and challenges to the couple’s romance.
  5. Love Story — the forbidden romance aspect makes for great chemistry and tingling anticipation.

I enjoyed this book immensely. One thing some might not like is that it took quite a while for Alexis and Demetrius to meet in the book. However, this didn’t detract from the story at all for me, as I liked reading about their lives. This is my first book by author Jasmine Carter, and I will be following her.


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