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Book Review: Contract Baby

Contract Baby (Babies for Billionaires Book 1) by Fallyn Briggs
Genres: Romance

Baby Contract

Layla Powell has loved Keenan Myers her entire life. So when he and his terminally ill wife ask her to carry their baby, Layla doesn’t hesitate. Not even when her best friends, mom, and boyfriend object. Is she setting herself up for even more pain? When Amy disappears, Keenen is beside himself and nothing concerns him but finding her. Not even Layla or his unborn child. Will he find her before it’s too late, and how will he go on when she’s gone forever?

This book truly surprised me in a couple of ways. Choosing it from Kindle Unlimited, I expected a predictable, fluffy meringue of a romance.

I couldn’t have been more off. I know some readers don’t do heavy issues, but I enjoy a healthy splash of real life angst in my reads.

The emotional toll surrogacy can have on women rang truer than a story where the experience is portrayed as all hearts and roses. It cannot be easy to carry a child for nine months, knowing it’s not yours. That you will have to relinquish it to its real parents. Author Fallyn Briggs tackles this.

She also tackles illness and death in the story, which can be unusual for a romance. Abuse — not giving specifics to spoil it — also figures in the story.

What the hell kind of romance is that? some might say. A damn good one in Liza’s estimation. The real life issues added to rather detract from the story to me.

Another really brilliant facet to me in this romance was unpredictability. Yes, Liza knows many count on the predictability of the genre, but she finds nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit. This story reminded me of the series Scandal, where viewers were either on Team Jake or Team Fitz to triumph as Olivia Pope’s love interest.

Won’t say another word, except I kept puzzling between Team Elijah and Team Keenan. I truly appreciated this little twist with a love triangle.

All in all, Liza thoroughly enjoyed this sweet romance. Sure to read the rest of the series.

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