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Book Review: Be My Always

Be My Always by Nia Arthurs
on November 14, 2019
Genres: Romance
Pages: 270
Format: eBook
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As matchmaker extraordinaire Kayla Montgomery breaks all records finding love for her clients, her colleagues watch with awe and envy. And a bit of curiosity. Why does the woman they’ve dubbed Cupid deny herself her own happily ever after?

Billionaire playboy Brendon Humes vows to repair the reputation of the company his father built and tarnished.  He doesn’t need distractions or entanglements. But a one-night stand with a beautiful stranger couldn’t hurt. Until he finds himself wanting more.

Found this book browsing for a new read on Amazon Kindle. I couldn’t tell you why I downloaded a sample, because I had never heard of author Nia Arthurs AND the cover didn’t grab me really. BUT by the second page, I paid my money, and finished the book in a day.

What I liked (some of it to my sheer amazement):

Master Class in first person point of view – don’t know why, but I dislike first person narratives.  Maybe the narrator in first person just sounds too self-absorbed to me. Regardless, Nia Arthurs knows how to use first person to perfection.

Master Class in present tense – also despise present tense narratives. Again, Nia Arthurs knows her stuff. The immediacy her present tense conveys is pitch perfect, like watching a movie.

Master Class in steamy yet sweet – Kayla and Brendon’s chemistry jumps off the pages into the heart. This couple is red chili pepper hot, and all without any graphic sex scenes. Hard to believe.

Beautifully Crafted Characters – Kayla and Brendon are both drawn with such love by the author. Both are both prickly, funny, snarky, slightly damaged, sweet, and vulnerable. Their clever verbal contretemps bring the two to life in technicolor.

It’s early days to choose my fave newly-discovered author of the year.  But damned if I Nia Arthurs is not running hard.

Don’t miss this read.

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