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Are Men in Uniform Sexy: Yea or Nay?

In Healing His Medic, author Nana Prah creates hero Commander of Warfare Akin Solarin, a drop-dead sexy military man any woman would swoon over. Me included…on the pages of a romance.

True Confession…I’ve never been attracted to men in uniform. Not military, police, or fire department. But why?

The answer is my dear old dad, may he rest in peace. A self-employed attorney, he vowed never to work for anyone. Not having anybody order me around, he’d say. I followed his footsteps into law, but not self-employment. I’ve always worked for someone else.

BUT my dad’s attitude must’ve rubbed off when I went shopping for a husband.

To me, men in uniform have always meant hierarchy, obeying orders. The saluting alone sickens me. Nothing is less sexy.

Okay, just find someone high up on the food chain, one might say. The one barking the orders.

Naw, I’m good. It’s all still the same culture of conformism, rules and regulations, group think, indoctrination — no matter how high up one climbs.

Sexy for me is a free spirit. An artist, a poet, an author, an inventor, a business owner, a surgeon. Someone calling the shots in his life.

So here’s my question.

Am I the only one who’s not bowled over by men in uniform?

Anybody like me out there?

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