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Coronavirus Stressing You? Try Bibliotherapy

Ask anyone who knew me then about the childhood me, and they would utter one word. Books. I coveted a good read like others vied for precious diamonds. Would spend my last dime on a book. Planned my days around when I could resume reading. ANYWHERE. ANYTIME. Just like Sam I Am in my all-time childhood fave Green Eggs and Ham. In adulthood, I came to realize reading didn’t simply entertain me. It cooed at me like my mother, cradled me,  rocked me. Sung me a lullaby. In short, it calmed my rattled nerves, and gave me the safe place…

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Lockdown Boredom? Start an Online Book Club

Coronavirus crisis putting a cramp in your regular book club meetings? Got your head stuck in a fantastic book and wish you had a few ladies to discuss it with, but social distancing says no way. Or maybe you’re sitting home bored. You’re dying to go out, but ‘Rona might be out there waiting to make you really dead. In the age of Covid-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place, and six-feet social distancing, all our normal activities are falling by the wayside. Still, this doesn’t mean we have to lose contact with the outside world. If you’re an avid reader, why not start…

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Book Review: See Me

A ruthless casino developer threatens everything she holds dear, so bakery owner Kennedi Chase cooks up an unconventional plan to protect her family legacy. But why does the man she despises have to be so wickedly charming and sexy? Newly divorced Trenton Shaw’s casino project hinges on a parking lot in D.C.’s wharf district. Still battle fatigued and bitter from a bad marriage, no way will he let a little cake baker thwart him, no matter how gorgeous and tempting she is. Can Kennedy convince him his plans are not worth destroying her? Will Trenton surrender his ambitions for the…

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Book Review: Contract Baby

Baby Contract Layla Powell has loved Keenan Myers her entire life. So when he and his terminally ill wife ask her to carry their baby, Layla doesn’t hesitate. Not even when her best friends, mom, and boyfriend object. Is she setting herself up for even more pain? When Amy disappears, Keenen is beside himself and nothing concerns him but finding her. Not even Layla or his unborn child. Will he find her before it’s too late, and how will he go on when she’s gone forever? This book truly surprised me in a couple of ways. Choosing it from Kindle…

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A Romance Author’s Royal Dilemma

In A Princess in Theory, waiter Jamal is really Prince Thabiso of Thesolo who’s come to New York in search of his runaway betrothed. At the outset, let me state I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved the fairy tale nature of it. I loved the romance between Naledi and Thabiso. And most especially, I loved the scenes set in the mythical kingdom of Thesolo. Which worries Liza… Sure little girl Liza loves a good royal fairy tale—real or imagined. I thrilled to Princess Diana’s wedding thirty-odd years ago. And to Kate’s thirty years later. And don’t get me started…

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One-Night Stands: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Odd

Nina Crespo’s romance novel Rules of a Rebound got me thinking about one-night stands. Of course, Natalie and Rome got their happily ever in the story. Still, I wondered about all things one-night stand in real life. Like how often it happens, how men feel versus women, how often it becomes something more. So Liza went googling. The Good If you’ve had a one-night stand (or two or three), don’t sweat it. You have loads of company. A recent poll of 500 Americans and 500 Europeans by online medical practice Zava revealed 66% have had a one-night-only encounter. Even more…

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Book Review: Rules of a Rebound

When recently divorced Natalie Winters attends the private Breakup Bash party to celebrate her freedom, the driven advertising exec doesn’t expect a hookup. But a Do Me condom escaping her purse and the ensuing sexy banter with bartender Rome Collier change things. The elite security specialist is the only drink she wants. And right now. But can a spur of the moment quickie actually become more? And should it? Especially when she’s on the rebound and needs to focus on her career. Ain’t even gonna lie. I was a sucker for the excerpt reveal. The moment Natalie and Rome locked…

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What’s Your Breakup Shakeup?

In author Jasmine Carter’s Demetrius and Alexis, librarian Alexis comes home to find her fiancé in the arms of another woman. Yes, she was devastated. Who wouldn’t be? But girlfriend wasted no time. She scraped him off her foot like dog doo she’d just stepped in. Then she didn’t just kick him to any ole curb, but to one an ocean away. Kudos to Alexis for being decisive. Would that all women could be so resolute. Myself included, because there was this one time in my younger years when… Okay, that’s another blog post. Back to that curb an ocean…

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The “Gender Gap” and What My Refrigerator Woes Taught Me

How could a refrigerator could reveal anything about differences in gender thinking? It all started four years ago with the Hisense fridge my hubby and I bought. Within a year, both door handles had cracked. Replacements cost $100. Roughly a year later, the digital display on the door went dark forever. A few months after that, the open-door alarm died. Shortly thereafter, we noticed everything in the bottom drawer of the fridge begins to freeze. Through all this, my husband remained perfectly content with the appliance. Me? I knew we had ourselves a real POS. Finally, I decided to google…

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